Winter fun with the Pinypon Ski Lodge Playset and Snow Car & Tow from Famosa!

Thank you to Famosa for providing me with a sample to review. All opinions are my pick


The holidays are here and that means every parent is looking for fun, new and durable toys to put under the tree. Now you can let your kids bring winter fun indoors with the the Pinypon Ski Lodge Playset and Snow Car & Tow Set! Offering an outdoor and indoor side of a ski lodge; kids can play with the 3 included Pinypon figures and have snowy fun with the outdoor side of the lodge, then spin it around for warmer, indoor fun! Add the Pinypon Snow Car & Tow set for extra play and you have one chilly playset ready for loads of winter fun.

Pinypon Ski Lodge Playset Review

The Pinypon Ski Lodge Playset comes with an array of fun features including:

  • 3 Pinypon Figures plus a Pet
  • 1 snow mobile, 1 sled, 1 set of skies and 1 snow board
  • Lots of activities: Ski, Skate, Snow mobile, Sled, Snowboard
  • Includes skating rink which can have water added and frozen for real skating play
  • Ski slope and Lodge set

The set does require some assembly. So if you plan on giving the set as a gift, I suggest taking it out and putting it together first. Although most of the large parts are attached, there are lots of small pieces and stickers that need to be added. All together, construction time took me about 20 minutes.

Pinypon Ski Lodge Review

Once put together the set is absolutely adorable!! I love that it lets your create a real ice rink for the figures which adds a totally new element of play I’ve yet to see in other toys. The outside part of the lodge features a ski slope and the set comes with other fun snow toys such as a snow mobile. There is also a working elevator that can lift the figures up to the ski slope.

See the Pinypon Ski Lodge in action!



The playhouse, figures and accessories are made from hard, durable plastic which is great for a toy geared at the 4+ age group. There are a LOT of small parts that go to this set so I suggest really sticking to the age range of 4+ and storing everything in a bag with the set so you don’t loose the accessories. Also, the scenery of the playset is cardboard that gets attached to the playset. This makes those areas a bit less durable since if they were to get wet or bent they may not re-attach properly. But other then that the set is pretty durable.

Pinypon Ski Lodge Review2

One of the features of the Pinypon figures I really like is that they are totally customizable. The set comes with 3 figures and a few extra clothing parts in case you want to switch them around a bit. This gives my daughter the ability to give one character multiple looks just by changing the hair or skirt it’s wearing. Again, these accessories are also tiny, so be sure to keep them away from kiddos who still like to put things in their mouths. When turned around, the ski lodge shows the indoor side and kids can have picnics and inside fun with the included accessories. All in all, the Pinypon Ski Lodge Playset really delivers a fun experience!

If you’re looking for a fun and unique gift this holiday for your children, the Pinypon Ski Lodge and Snow Car & Tow are perfect for inviting winter fun into your home!

Grab the Pinypon Ski Lodge Playset and Pinypon Snow Car and Tow Set on Today!

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