Man Crates: the most fist pump worthy man gifts EVER! #fathersday

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As a women, I sometimes find it hard to comprehend the different things that seem to satisfy men. Things such as the enjoyment they get from watching someone get their ass kicked, or the wonderment of  watching a sporting event for 4 hrs just to see a ball pass over a line 10-15 times, or how they seem to revel in the smell of their own body odor, or how they have the uncanny ability to eat pounds of dehydrated meat in a single setting.

You would think growing up with 3 brothers and having a husband for 5.5 years would have given me some insight into why the heck they are so different from us (women) but it seems I’ve only scratched the surface. At least when it comes to getting gifts for the men in my life, it’s finally become SUPER easy since Man Crates has come along! Man Crates offers over 25 different themed crates that ooze manliness and include everything from golfing items to beef jerky, knives and fishing gear! Not to mention every Man Crate let’s it’s recipient show off their guns by having to open the wooden crate with the included crowbar.

Man Crates review


We had the honor of experiencing the Zombie Annihilation Crate and if ever there were a gift basket for guys who love sharp things and killing the un-dead, this IS it! The Zombie Annihilation crate includes everything your man will need to face the Zombie apocalypse including:

  • Gerber® Gator Machete Junior – 10.75″ high-carbon steel blade
  • Gerber® Gator Combo Axe and Knife
  • Gerber® Gorge Folding Shovel
  • Combination Paracord Knife with Built-in Firestarter
  • Zombie Survival Guide (Max Brooks)
  • Zombie LED Flashlight
  • First Aid Kit
  • Duct Tape
  • Spam

Man Crates Zombie Annihilation CrateIn all honesty, I knew my hubs would love this crate, but I didn’t realize that the included heavy artillery was going to be as awesome as it was! He LOVED every aspect of the Man Crates experience, from breaking the crate open with the included crowbar to un-earthing all of it’s contents. Seeing the look on his face when he revealed the massive Gerber Machete and knives as well as the chuckle he got from the included SPAM made this Man Crate a BIG win!

Man Crates Zombie Annihilation Crate Review


When it comes to providing a fun, unique and testosterone filled experience for men in the gifting department, I feel Man Crates has hit a massive home run! Not only are their crates filled with different items that will please any guy, they are affordable and more then willing to send crates to Military APO and FPO overseas addresses! (which as a Navy wife I wholeheartedly appreciate)

If you’re looking for an AWESOME gift for a man in your life, I highly suggest taking a look at Man Crates and finding the perfect one for your guy!

Grab a Zombie Annihilation Crate for $179.99!

See all the Man Crates available on their website,!

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