The mother’s curse of a head strong daughter


4.5 years ago I was blessed with what I felt was the greatest gift in the world, motherhood. We were given a beautiful and healthy baby girl who’s smile could light up any room and who’s laugh sounded like angel kisses darting through the air. We were so proud and happy to have our little girl and we wondered what she would grow up to be as the years went by.

We now have a 4 year old daughter who, apparently has taken the sweet, smiling and happy child we once had and replaced her with a head strong, sometimes I swear totally possessed little person! Forget the terrible 2’s, ages 3 and 4 are  proving to be the major challenge. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my baby girl with everything that I am and yes, we still get a glimpse of the sweetness but it seems since she hit 3.5 her beautiful laughter is now accompanied by demon-like shrieking, teenage attitude and a lot of the word, “NO!”

I mean she’s 4! I thought this wasn’t supposed to happen until after age 10 maybe 12? Where are my golden years before she hates the crap out of me just for existing??!

Now I know I was no picnic for my mother, in fact I was told more then a few many times that when I grew up to be a mother myself that God would rain upon me a child such as myself but 10 fold. Of course I laughed it off, but now having my own bundle of spiked glitter I’m starting to think my Mom may have cursed me. (thanks Mom!)

I know it’s a blessing that she’s “independent” and “self reliant” but I’d really like these attributes to wait a few more years to surface!

Are you mothering a little girl like mine? What are your biggest challenges?



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    Our 5 year old girl has been headstrong since she came flying into the world 3 weeks early. If her personality now is any indication of what she’ll be when she’s a teen then we are in a world of hurt. Thankfully our 15 year old daughter is fairly easy and laid back when it comes to attitude.

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    I worked in a preschool for many years and I have to just say 3.5-4 year olds are tough! They are not a toddler anymore yet not a big kid so they are trying to find their independence and fit in somewhere! I think they start to ease up once they are in grammar school…and then they become teenagers!! Oiy :/

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    I don’t have any girls but I know that I was like this for my parents. My mom said that I was so difficult that she promised she wouldn’t put the “mother’s curse” on me. Thankfully, both my boys are super easy going and laid back. I’m not sure I want to tempt fate and try for #3!

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    I have 5 and 7 year old girls that can be described as …. head strong. That’s putting it nicely. I fear for my future as they become teenagers. lol

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    I have two boys that are VERY strong-willed. I really believe you have to say NO often (but say YES when you can!) and stand strong. I promise it’ll get better!

    My 10 year old was like what you are describing between ages 6 and 7. He is SO much better now!!

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    I laughed as I read this. Our oldest is my sister. I don’t know how my parent’s survived as she is only 8 and I wonder what the next 10 year will bring us as my sister was all about pushing the limits while living up to her blonde hair that she passed along to my daughter!

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    I have THREE headstrong girls! I like to call it strong willed and see the good sire of it… There is a lot of wisdom to several things you say… My oldest is 17 and my baby 7 and I found we were dealing with a lot of the same behaviors as they were approaching various milestones… toddlerhood and teen-hood… the most important thing with both of those stages is to be very clear and firm with boundaries.. AS for getting what you deserve.. well I have learned that the hardest stages to parent are the ones during which our own needs as children were not met as they should have been.. so look at her behavior with that in mind and try to understand what you would have needed at that stage. It might make things a little easier to handle :-)

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