I’m loving JOHNSON’S Baby newly reformulated products! #PromiseToBaby

This is a partnered post with JOHNSON’S Baby products. All opinions are my own.



Being a mom to little ones, there is nothing more important to me then the safety of my babies, especially when it comes to what I’m exposing them to on a daily basis. We’ve always been a fan of JOHNSON’S baby and recently some ingredients in their products were questioned by parents regarding their safety.

After taking these concerns to heart, not only did JOHNSON’S baby listen, they went ahead and reformulated their products to give us parents a better peace of mind! Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to show they care for our children then to make sure their products are the pinnacle of safety. I’m extremely impressed by their effort towards the consumer’s happiness and well-being and it shows in their recent video about why they decided to reformulate their products.


After watching the video myself, I loved that JOHNSON’S baby asked their own employees to  create 1000 paper cranes and write wishes for children on them. It’s such a nice gesture with a sweet meaning for a company to inspire towards. Plus, I love that they made the cranes into a beautiful piece of art to display as a reminder of how the safety of their products is a number one concern. Not only is it a wonderful message to their consumers that they care, but it’s a great way to show that their company is made of up mom’s and dad’s that share the same aspirations for their children as we do!



I’m always wishing that my kiddos grow to be healthy, inspired, well-rounded people. It’s so nice to see other parents doing the same. I encourage you to take a look at the video and I’m sure you’ll find a wish that’s been made for a child that you share as well.


This is a partnered post with JOHNSON’S Baby products. All opinions are my own.





  1. Tiffany Condon-Shirley says

    I was not aware that Johnson & Johsnon reformulated their products. Next time I’m at the store, I will check that out and start buying again. I love their baby shampoo, it really is the best, and I’m even more pleased without the icky ingredients in it now. Thanks for the review :)

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