Get learning with the Lil’ Snoopy Tippin’ Treats Game & I-Jig Interactive Electronic Puzzle System from Fisher-Price!

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I have always been a fan of Fisher-Price toys and ever since becoming a mom, I’ve enjoyed watching my kids play along with a brand I’m so familiar with. Lately we’ve been having fun with two of the latest toys from Fisher-Price, Lil’ Snoopy Tippin’ Treats Game and the I-Jig Interactive Electronic Puzzle System.

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Lil’ Snoopy Tippin’ Treats Game

If your kids love to run around, they’ll be big fans of the Lil’ Snoopy Tippin’ Treats Game! With this fun interactive game, toddlers boost their problem solving and gross motor skills as they try to put all the bones in the bowl on top of the puppy’s head before he dumps them as we runs around the room. My kids are 4 and 2 they both absolutely love the game! Lil’ Snoopy works well on both out hard floors and the carpet and it’s adorable to see the kids chase after him trying to add their bones to the bowl before he tips it over again. There are three levels of play with the game:

  1.  Bone Toss Game – Toss all your bones into the bowl before Lil’ Snoopy tips over
  2. Color Chase Game – Get all of three of your colored bones into the bowl before Lil’ Snoopy tips over
  3. Number Chase Game – Toss your bones in numerical sequence 1 through 3 before Lil’ Snoopy tips over

When you’re done playing, the bones store in the bowl and the whole game is easily put away. This is a great game for youngsters, even those first learning to walk as it would give them something fun to chase after.


I-Jig Interactive Electronic Puzzle System

My 4 year old daughter loves puzzles, so naturally she adores the I-Jig Interactive Electronic Puzzle System! The system comes with 2 puzzles and the interactive board. The system offers 3 modes of play that help your child to learn everything from animal sounds to counting and color skills! The 3 modes of play include:

  1. Smart Puzzle – An interactive jigsaw puzzle that cues your child with encouraging phrases and fun sound effects to help him learn hand-eye coordination, objects and sounds.
  2. Find & Seek Game – Your child will learn sound, object, color and counting skills. Each puzzle offers a unique set of exciting discoveries.
  3. Discovery Time – Each puzzle & puzzle key come with a unique Discovery Time Game for a unique play experience with each puzzle.

Both of my kiddos have loved playing with the I-Jig, but especially my 4 year old. My 2 year old had a bit of trouble figuring out the puzzle pieces but he loved learning the animals sounds, colors and counting. Definitely a fun toy for kids to learn and create with!


If you’re looking for toys that are fun and educational, Fisher-Price is always a great brand to go to. With how much my children had loved playing with the Tippin’ Treats Game and the I-Jig, I’m sure other young ones would love them as well. As a mom I’m always fascinated by what my kids learn just by playing, and what better way to help prepare them for school then by having fun!

You can grab the Lil’ Snoopy Tippin’ Treats Game and the I-Jig Interactive Electronic Puzzle System on today!

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