Experience a wild meal at Rainforest Cafe Houston, TX! #GoHouston #travel #food

Thank you to Rainforest Cafe for providing me with a meal. All opinions are my own.


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When it comes to eating in wild places you can’t get more unique then the Rainforest Cafe! I grew up heading to this jungle of a restaurant and I remember it being the most fun I’d ever had as a kid eating out. The Rainforest Cafe is the only restaurant I know of that features animals that come to life while you dine, a thunderstorm every 20 minutes and a fun loving tree frog that hops from table to table, greeting families as they eat!

Rain Forrest Cafe Houston Review

We recently visited Houston, TX and were treated to a meal at the Rainforest Cafe in the Galleria and I was able to take my own kiddos there for the first time!  From the time we walked in the front to the time we left they just seemed totally mesmerized! We walked around and took a look at all the different animals, from elephants to gorillas and tigers as they came to life.  Once we sat down, the fun slushy drinks other people had caught the eyes of my kids so of course we had to get our own. The cups were super cute and we were able to keep them which was nice.

Rain Forrest Cafe Houston Food Review

When it came to the food, we all enjoyed chowing down on some yummy entrees which included coconut shrimp, bacon wrapped shrimp, rise pilaf, veggies and blackened tilapia. The kiddos were happy with their dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and mini cheese-burgers. However, I have to say the crown jewel of the meal was the sparkling volcano dessert! Of course no Rainforest Cafe experience is complete without grabbing a treat from the gift shop and the kids had fun picking out something special to take home.

Just like when I was a kid, eating at the Rainforest Cafe is a wild experience! It was great being able to take my family somewhere I had so much fun visiting when I was young.


Thank you to Rainforest Cafe for providing me with a meal. All opinions are my own.




  1. Debbie Welchert says

    Oh how I wish we had this restaurant here. My grandchildren would love it. The food looks and sounds wonderful. I know what I will be looking for if we ever take a vacation to Houston.

  2. Sally W says

    Wow! It sure looks like you all had a good time! This seems like the prefect kind of restaurant to have near a zoo!

  3. Kamla L. says

    This looks and sound like an awesome fun family restaurant. We use to have one in Nassau County here on Long Island. My cousin and her son raved about it but I never had the chance to go. Unfortunately, that location has since closed. It would be nice if another one opened here on Long Island

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