Celebrating 16 years of individuality with Manhattan Toy’s Groovy Girls! #groovygirls

Thank you to Manhattan Toy for providing me with Groovy Girls dolls and party supplies. All opinions are my own.


Manhattan Toy’s Groovy Girls dolls turned 16 in May and to celebrate, we were asked to host a birthday party! These fun and award winning dolls have been showing girls just how fun it is to inspire personal style, diversity and the power of friendship for 16 years now and I agree, that deserves a party! My daughter was SUPER excited to invite her girlfriends over to partake in the Groovy Girls fun, eat some cupcakes and even create some fun jewelry with the Groovy Girls Design Your Own craft kits.

Of course when I think sweet 16 party, I think pink, cupcakes and lots of girly-ness! I felt that came through in the way we decorated our birthday area, not to mention it certainly met with my 4 year old’s approval. We even had a few Groovy Girls on display and I have to say we love the dolls!

Groovy Girls 16th birthdayThe Groovy Girls dolls and accessories are plush toys that are perfect for playing, dressing and cuddling. I really like that the dolls are soft and let little girls snuggle them without uncomfortable plastic parts. Every attendee received a goody bag with a Groovy Girls doll and other fun party surprises plus everyone received a Design Your Own Groovy Girls Sparkletastic Jewelry Kit!


Getting groovy!


Groovy Girls 16th birthday fun


As soon as everyone arrived it took no time at all before the girls were getting groovy playing with their dolls and the Totally Tentastic Tent and Royally Ritzy Bed we received for the party.  The tent is great for multiple doll play since up to 3 dolls can fit inside plus the interactive windows and zipper front make it even more appealing. I like that the comforter and pillow for the bed are connected to it so they won’t get lost and it’s made from soft and fun materials.


Time for crafts!


Craft Time with Groovy Girls


After playing for a while, it was time to bust open our Design Your Own Groovy Girls Sprakletastic Jewelry Kits! The kits give girls the chance to create 6 pieces of jewelry (3 bracelets and 3 necklaces) using the included glitter, jewels and string. What I loved most about this kit was that the jewelry pieces come with sticker like tape over them so there is NO glue involved! Just peel back the protective film and spritz with glitter and jewels. Of course you say glitter and jewels to a group of little girls and they all go wild! Everyone had a great time, including the moms creating their jewelry and trying it all on!

Birthday fun!


Groovy Girls 16th birthday party


Once everyone’s jewelry was created it was time for pictures and cupcakes! Everyone had a great time showing off their creations and digging into the bright pink and purple cupcakes with their dolls. It was adorable to see all the girls having a great time, playing and sharing their jewelry with each other. Seeing how versatile the Groovy Girls dolls are, I can imagine we will be having many more Groovy play dates with them in the future!

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    What a fun little party! We don’t have opportunities like that with boys. All pirates and LEGOs here. And minecraft. LOL.


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