Bring Outdoor Fun Indoors with the Fun & Sun, Climber and Sandbox by Step2!

Thank you to Step2 for providing me with a Fun & Sun, Climber and Sandbox for review!


If you were to take a Wisconsin Winter and stick it in a bottle, it’s warning label would read something like this:


Wisconsin Winter effects can last anywhere from 4-6 months. Extreme temperatures combined with unpredictable snow, ice, sleet and inaccurate weather predictions are likely and considered normal.  This can lead to extreme board-um, anxiousness, laziness, hair pulling, weight gain, intense sibling rivalry and other conditions that may not have been brought on if the weather was warmer. If you start to experience any of these symptoms,  grit your teeth and bare it because as of right now, your only other option is to convince your spouse to move to FL.

As you can imagine, being cooped up inside for months is just as much torture for kids as it is for parents. Thanks to Step2, we’ve been able to combat winter woes by bringing outdoor activities inside! 831200_001

We were given a new Fun & Sun, Climber and Sandbox from Step2 to review! The climber is recommended for kiddos ages 1.5-4 and has lots of great features! A few of my favorites are:

  • The climber offers multiple play options, such as sliding, climbing, and playing in the sandbox.
  • The sandbox comes with a protective cover and shovel for digging.
  • Cascade accessories allow for engaging fun with sand and other media.
  • The sandbox comes with a drain plug which makes for easy clean up and draining.
  • Bright colors make the climber exciting to look at and play on for little ones.

Shipping Alert

The Fun & Sun, Climber and Sandbox ships in the box it’s packaged in which has product photos on the box.  If you are planning on sending this as a gift,  be sure to give the parents a heads up so the intended receiver doesn’t find out! :)


Putting the Fun & Sun, Climber and Sandbox together didn’t take long. The directions were easy to follow and this meant less frustration on my handy man’s end. We used a drill when it called for screwing things in which made it much faster and easier. Especially since holes are indented but not pre-punched on the climber. All together it took us about 45 minutes to get together.

construction sequance

done 3


Play Time

Right off the bat the climber was a huge hit! Both my 2 and 3 year old were extremely anxious to play on it and it’s the perfect size for both of them. Since I’m not a big fan of sand and since we were using the climber indoors due to the weather, I decided to turn the sandbox into a sensory table instead! I first used water, which was a big hit. I placed a towel under the sandbox for easy clean up and dumped a bucket of warm water in it. The kids had a great time putting the water through the cascade accessories and watching the wheels move and make noise.  After a while with the water, I drained the table into a bucket, dried it out and filled it with… MARSHMALLOWS! I figured this was something that, if thrown at each other, wouldn’t hurt and if eaten, I wouldn’t mind. Needless to say the kiddos were in heaven!

sensory final

The climber is a great size for 2-3 kids to play at a time. Two could be playing in the sandbox while another is using the slide.  It’s sturdy construction is nothing short of what Step2 is known for. I feel good knowing that my kids are playing on something that’s safe and durable. We have had endless fun with our Fun & Sun, Climber and Sandbox. If you are looking for something that brings big outdoor fun but can fit indoors as well, the Fun & Sun, Climber and Sandbox from Step2 is definitely for you! A big Fairy A+!

snow day

See the Fun & Sun, Climber and Sandbox in Action!


The Fun & Sun, Climber and Sandbox retails for $79.99 and can be purchased at

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As always the opinions stated above are completely my own and I was in no way paid for my ideas. I was provided a Fun & Sun, Climber and Sandbox from Step2 to review.



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