It’s my baby’s D-Day! Feel free to come on out any time now little one!


So today is the day!! It’s my due date and our little one is SUPPOSED to be making his or her appearance today! Of course, so far nothing seems to be happening, my belly feels like it’s falling through my vajayjay, I’m hotter then a dog in heat 24/7, waddling like an over-grown penguin and I feel like a goober checking my crotch every 20 minutes to see if my water has broken. The anticipation of when it all will happen or even if is just eating me alive! I am praying I go into labor on my own and do NOT have to be induced since my first baby was an induction and it was a horrible experience.

Fingers crossed something exciting happens here soon! Any birthing vibes you can send will be appreciated!


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    I agree, the wait for both of mine was terrible. Even when the first was scheduled for an induction, I wondered every second if my water would just randomly break and send me to the hospital!

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    How exciting!!!!!! Keeping you in prayer! And I can’t wait to meet your new little one :-) My third daughter made us wait…. the other two were early. But when she decided she was ready she came FAST! I dropped off her 2 older sisters at 9 am and when my hubby called to let friends know our baby had arrived at noon, no one believed him.. I hope you have an easy, natural delivery <3

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    Oh my goodness, so exciting. With my last two, they were 3 days late. lol My girls were both early. Here’s to wonderful expectations!! Good luck!

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    Oh my gosh, I remember what those last few weeks felt like! I thought my insides were going to fall right out. Hope that little one makes an appearance soon!

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    Wishing a quick and painless delivery! Both of my children were post-dates: my daughter by one day, and my son was induced at one week late.

  6. Mindy R says

    I was one of the lucky ones who actually delivered on my due date, but so many women had told me not to expect it that when my water broke I was taken completely off guard! Like, what is this and what is happening??? (this was my first child, so I was pretty much lost in general). Anyways, good luck and congratulations and I’ll be praying for you and your family :)

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    my first one I was like 11-14 days overdue! then they finally induced me…. the things that they did to me were unbearable! pitocin, pills up into my cervix, a catheter/balloon up into my cervix to trick my body into thinking the baby was pushing down. none of it worked.
    the second one she was a little early but i was so uncomftable and crampy and contractions that they finally said they would break my water at 39 weeks….Due dates are just guestimates.
    Just hang it there and eventually when the baby is ready, they will come!

  8. Tammy S says

    Best of luck! It will come when it’s time. I am also not a huge fan of being induced but sometimes it’s the only way.

  9. Larissa Brunken says

    Congratulations to you!! I’m not seeing a post about a new baby so assuming your still waiting :( My 3rd child did that too me and I was induced. The anticipation sucks!! Best of luck

  10. michele comas says

    I am so excited for you and can empathize. I have 3 grown kids and its funny how you can have all those memories rushing in when you know someone who is about to venture down a familiar path. Things I haven’t thought of since my first was born 28 years ago. You will do great know that as anxious as you are, you would do it all again…just to see that beautiful little face for the first time.
    Best wishes.

  11. Vanessa says

    Awesome! Strong lady! Keeping up w all that blogging and hard work while waiting on baby!! Im assuming baby came!! Welcome to the world lil one! congrats to u and urs!! AND thanks for all that u do!

  12. says

    My “baby” is 37 years old, but I remember her birth like it was yesterday! She was 28 days late (that’s right) & a planned midwife at home birth. Went as smooth as silk. Now my other “baby”, my 1st grandchild is expecting her 1st baby & my 1st great grandchild. So excited!

  13. Sarah Elyce says

    I am 32 weeks so I’m starting to wonder if she will be early or late. Small chance of her being “on time” but we shall see. Interestingly enough, my due date was October 14 and I arrived on October 17. Her due date is October 14 and it would be very strange if she arrived on the 17th.

  14. Rosanne says

    You had me laughing with your description of how it feels. Cheer up it could be worse. My poor daughter in law is expecting twins 9/8. It is hot and there are at least 12-13 lbs of baby in there! I had 4 sons and the biggest was 8-14 and tha was miserable just trying to bend over. Congrats an having a baby though. It really is a miracle.

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